Great British Robotics

The forthcoming decade looks certain to herald a golden age for robotics with genius technologies making their way out of the lab and into all of our daily lives. Britbots has been established to act as a mouthpiece for brilliant inventors based in the UK whose robots now are ready to start actuating in the real world. We help robotics businesses to grow by identifying field trial opportunities with early-stage customers and also by arranging the funding needed for their expansion. Additionally we are available to media organisations and governmental institutions to provide comment and insight from the perspective of the entrepreneurs who are driving this robotic revolution.   see our Hall of Fame>>

Dominic Keen, Founder of Britbots

Dominic is a successful British entrepreneur.  Having previously floated the software business that he founded on the London Stock Exchange, he now helps exciting ventures to maximise their growth potential.  His fascination with all things robotic drives an impassioned evangelism of the field.
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