Investment in Botskill

British Robotics Seed Fund announces investment in Botskill

MARTLESHAM, SUFFOLK 10 October 2017. SaaS chatbot firm company secures £250,000.

BotSkill has secured £250,000 investment led by the British Robotics Seed Fund (BRSF). The investment is the second in an ongoing series that have been made into UK’s robotics-focussed start-ups by the fund.

Botskill is also raising further investment on the new and complementary robotics crowdfunding platform Britbots CROWD (

London-based BotSkill has developed unique technology to take the pain out of business bots, and will use the funding to develop its SaaS platform and grow its team. BotSkill’s SaaS proposition comes at a critical juncture, with analysts predicting that by 2020, 80% of businesses will have a chatbot as a communication channel for customers, partners or employees.

A chatbot is a computer programme that mimics human conversation using artificial intelligence. It can be delivered by voice, living in devices such as Alexa or Google Home, or text in messaging apps such as Skype, Facebook Messenger and What’s App.

The company is building a SaaS platform that provides fast no-code chatbot generation for businesses, powered by artificial intelligence. The service enables businesses to tap into an explosive new direct marketing channel, increased customer personalisation and predictive data analytics.

BotSkill customers sign up to a SaaS and follow the easy steps, it is possible to have a best-in-class chatbot / skill up and running in less than 15 minutes - there’s even a free option. In addition, it’s a bespoke service that can ingest customer data, offer thousands of sector specific dialogue patterns and single deployment multi-channel distribution across chat and voice. 

Botskill has recently secured the Northamptonshire Police Crime Commission to its growing list of customers.  
Andy Wilkins, CEO & Co-Founder, BotSkill said: “We’re thrilled to work with the British Robotics Seed Fund. With the management team’s strong track record, we feel their investment is a real endorsement of our vision. Their team also offers a wealth of experience which we can tap into to help us achieve our ambitious growth plans.”

Dominic Keen, CEO of Britbots and founder of the British Robotics Seed Fund, concluded: “We believe that we will be speaking to computers a lot more over the upcoming years, and were impressed by the pragmatic and ambitious plans the Botskill’s team have to becoming a leader in this market place.

“Botskill joins our initial portfolio and demonstrates the innovative British ventures in the dynamic field of artificial intelligence and bots. Investment from the BRSF is just the start for Botskill, and now a wider number of investors can help the company reach its next milestone through the BritbotsCROWD platform, where we look to reach the company’s £350,000 funding target.”

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