Robot money

Offset tax liabilities in the current tax year by investing in high growth robotics companies 

3 February 2017.Dominic Keen, How the SEIS “carry back” facility can be used to offset income tax liabilities in the 2016/17 tax year   Read more >>

Robotics Business Review

First British Robotics Fund to Strengthen Local Industry Commercialisation

2 January 2017. Eugine Demaitre of Robotics Business Review interviews Britbots founder Dominic Keen.  Read more >>

Britbots SEIS fund launch

First British Robotics Seed Fund launches 

16 December 2016, Martlesham. High Growth Robotics Limited has announced today the launch of the British Robotics Seed Fund – the first investment fund specialising in UK-based robotics start-ups. Read more>>
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