Growth Strategies

We support roboticists get their inventions out of the lab and to the field.  Crucially, Britbots helps start-ups to find their initial customers and establish the marketing activities that ensure ongoing business growth.  We are also available, in certain circumstances, to provide consulting services to larger organisations that seek to conceive and deliver transformational projects that leverage the most recent advances in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Investment Support

Many robotics initiatives require external funding to support the costs of product development and deployment in the field. Britain offers one of the most attractive business environments in the world to nurture new robotics propositions. Britbots provides a suite of services to assist roboticists to raise capital efficiently. Additionally we help unlock grants and other public resources which might boost the chances of success of a concept.

Presentations & Articles

We constantly look to raise awareness on the new possibilities created by the most recent advances in robotics and artificial intelligence. Britbots is available to deliver a range of inspirational, thought-provoking talks on a variety of relevant topics.  On request, we also will write or co-author concise, engaging and informative articles for newspapers, magazines and journals that wish to inform their readers on this subject.

Public Policy

Britbots takes a progressive view on the scope of robotics to transform many areas of life. In particular, we believe that government has a unique opportunity to reshape the provision of public services, maintaining high quality standards whilst dramatically reducing the costs of supply, allowing for a sustainable model of the state for the future.
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